Athens Music News Roundup

First up: Grammy Nominated Local Producer John Keane has a blog written by his lovely wife Jo chronicling their adventures as they get ready for the upcoming Grammy awards. It’s a great read so click here to find out more.

Ever debated the greatness of the B-52s first albums with your significant other? The Onion has.

Seriously, the deadline to submit your music for the ATHFEST comp. cd is pretty much here. Info at this link.

If you, like us, didn’t get tickets to the Widespread Panic concerts in February, don’t worry too much. They’ll be streamed live right here.

Macon is out of the running for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. That leaves Dunwoody, Woodstock, and Athens. Well, sorta Athens. It’s complicated. Expect a long rambling post about my opinions on that later….

Julie Phillips rocks the Tumblr. Let the mutual link fest continue.

And last but far from least, creator Ethan Kaplan posted yesterday on his blog that he is leaving Warner Music Group. We here at AthensMusicJunkie wish him all the best and look forward to seeing where he’ll end up next!

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