Contest! Win Randall Bramblett DVD & Tickets!

It's been a while since we checked in on our good pal Randall Bramblett. Last we saw him, he was touring behind his piano heavy love song record. It's absolutely stunning if you haven't heard it yet. Apparently, Bramblett and co recorded a show and  are making it available on dvd. To mark the occasion, … Continue reading Contest! Win Randall Bramblett DVD & Tickets!

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2011 Sprockets Music Video Competition

So you've been sitting on that awesome music video awhile, waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash it on the world and have everyone bask in its artistic glory. But when to release? Um, howabout now? With Sprockets? That sound good?The winning videos are screened during the Flagpole Music Awards that kicks off Athfest each … Continue reading 2011 Sprockets Music Video Competition

New Addiction: BombsBombsBombs

I've been seeing this band name more and more about town lately. I finally got the chance to check out the music of BombsBombsBombs and was pretty impressed by what I found. It's my understanding that the members of the band are pretty young which is surprising considering the polish you'll find in their music.In … Continue reading New Addiction: BombsBombsBombs

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