Armchair Producer

So in a pretty neat twist, R.E.M. and Jacknife Lee have made all the multi-track files from “It Happened Today” available for you to download and do what you will. Ever want to hear a Mills-less mix? You can make it happen. Want to put that sweet techno beat you’ve been working on behind the moans of Eddie Vedder? You can do that too.

Personally, I’m working on a mix using some old live recordings I’ve got from around town. An “Athens” mix, if you will. And while this is a great way to bring fans into the mix (pun-intended), part of me thinks this was an effort to have fans understand just how insanely frustrating the mixing process is.

You can upload your finished versions to the collective SoundCloud. There’s been some pretty interesting mixes going on. Current faves include The Cactus Remix and David Wu’s Piano Mix (complete with visit from the FringeMunks!). Then there’s the REMOMG WTF mix. WOW. So get yourself to mixing. Have fun. Make it yours.


  1. I really don't think most listeners/fans understand how time consuming and difficult mixing is. Between crossfades and elastic time changes it takes hours on each songs! Too busy with my own stuff to worry about remixing others, but I'm enjoying others' efforts.

  2. quietly experimenting with it in the safe confines of my home – not sure I'm going to come up with anything I'd upload, though 🙂

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