25 Ways to Celebrate Widespread Panic’s 25th B-day Shows

1. Learn to play a Panic song on your instrument of choice.

  2. See every song Panic’s ever played.

  3. Check out the Flagpole interview.

 4. Plant a tree

 5. Participate in a local food drive or volunteer at a local food bank.

 6.  brute

 7. The youtube search for Widespread Panic is AWESOME.

 8. Dance like this guy.

 9. Check out the work of side players for the band including John Keane, Randall Bramblett, Beanland, etc….

10. Make a diorama of the band playing at Red Rocks. Remember to make it sold out like all their RR shows.

11. Donate to Hannah’s Buddies.

12. Name your dog “Brown Cat”.

13. If you’re the Georgia General Assembly, you put out a resolution about Widespread.

14. Attend Dirty Side Down at “Pints and Paints”

15. Know the back roads to where you’re headed cause here come the cops.

16. Listen to the stream of the shows this week at LiveWidespreadPanic.com!

17. Four. Hour. Guitar. Solo.

18. Attend one of the many afterparties.

19. Next week, buy the video of the shows here.

20. Enter the raffle for a guitar signed by all of Panic. Proceeds go to Nuci’s Space.

21. Listen to each studio album. In order.

22. Listen to each live album. In order.

23. Listen to each of your “bootleg” recordings. Order optional.

24. Check out the photo gallery of Panic shots from the Banner-Herald.

25. Try to unsee this:

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