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Band Eye View: Booking Your First Gig

BY ASHTON MAY You’re psyched about your newest musical endeavor—finally, your band has a bang-up setlist and you’ve never sounded so fit. The only problem is that the only people who’ve heard you play are your roommate and your girlfriend. It’s time to tackle the next hurdle—actually playing somewhere other than your garage. But how? […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT  Caledonia Spirit Hair Chrissakes The F***ing Hotlights New Earth Music Hall Invisible Children Benefit John French Emily Hearn The Regulars Band THURSDAY  40 Watt Club Nana Grizol Madeline Melting Point Dead Confederate The Interns FRIDAY40 Watt Dex Romweber Duo Futurebirds Woodfangs Caledonia Do It To Julia Little Tybee Venice is Sinking Flicker Monahan NEVER […]

2nd Annual Haiti Benefit

While the massive tragedy in Japan has kept our eyes fixed on the media, Haiti is still quietly struggling to rebuild. So in order to help speed things along, Wonderlab and Winston Barbe have organized the 2nd annual Haiti Benefit. It’s gathered a rather impressive lineup with a mix of old standards and new favorites […]

Don’t Fret: Peter Buck

BY GERALD BURRIS Hey everyone. Jordan has asked me to write some pieces for AMJ regarding the more technical side of music. In keeping with the nature of the blog, my idea is to talk about some individual musicians in Athens that I feel stand out among the crowd, and in doing so try to […]

It’s Sofia’s Birthday. You get a present.

Ok guys, today’s our webmaster Sofia’s birthday so I’m giving away a cd-prize pack to the first person who emails with the subject heading BIRTHDAY YAY and the correct answer to the question below. Contest goes on til Sunday morning. Please refrain from entering if you have already won something. QUESTION: WUOG now resides […]

Apologies to The Sunscreen Song

THE BAND NAME SONG Have a cool band name. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, a cool band name would be it. The long-term benefits of a cool band name have been proved by rock historians, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than other people’s […]

Weekly Show Picks

 It’s like the trees all had sex with my car. Not cool trees. Not cool. TONIGHT Caledonia Space Ghost Herra Terra Sunlight Alchemists Farm 255 Timmy Tumble and the Tumblers The Great Valley Mouser Nude Sunrise Go Bar Reeks of Failure Tealvox Crunk Witch THURSDAY Little Kings Pre-Breast Fest Ladies Night Betsy Franck Kaitlin Jones […]

This Business of Music

 Yeah, yeah. You don’t want to “go corporate” and you don’t “need help from professionals.” You “DIY” all the time and “jam econo” all day long. Well, if that’s your attitude: you’re dumb. Every band can use a bit of help if they want to break into the business of music. And it is a […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Got a lot of good news this week from old friends, so hold on to your hat, tag yourself as #sxswasted or whatever, and let’s go! Timmy Tumble and the Tumblers. Yup. Timmy’s gone and gotten himself a band together. Our resident tumbling (and sometimes flailing) artist/poet/rockstar type has been hard at work on his […]

Press Release Theatre: Athens Americana 2011

Cowboy Angel’s pleased to announce the info and line-up for Athens Americana 2011. Gonna be a great weekend celebration of Athens music, and we’ve got some cool new elements to the festival! Athens Americana 2011April 27th- May 1st @ Little Kings & Hendershot’s Coffee WED APRIL 27th (Little Kings): free!Opening night w/ Athens debut screening […]