It’s Sofia’s Birthday. You get a present.

Ok guys, today’s our webmaster Sofia’s birthday so I’m giving away a cd-prize pack to the first person who emails with the subject heading BIRTHDAY YAY and the correct answer to the question below. Contest goes on til Sunday morning. Please refrain from entering if you have already won something. QUESTION: WUOG now resides… Read More It’s Sofia’s Birthday. You get a present.

Weekly Show Picks

 It’s like the trees all had sex with my car. Not cool trees. Not cool. TONIGHT Caledonia Space Ghost Herra Terra Sunlight Alchemists Farm 255 Timmy Tumble and the Tumblers The Great Valley Mouser Nude Sunrise Go Bar Reeks of Failure Tealvox Crunk Witch THURSDAY Little Kings Pre-Breast Fest Ladies Night Betsy Franck Kaitlin Jones… Read More Weekly Show Picks