AMJ: Tales of Our Reconstruction

Needs more Pylons

So, you might’ve noticed the appearance of “AMJ Intern” on our sidebar over there on the left. We’ve gotten in a new batch of writers, designers, and critics to pitch in here at AthensMusicJunkie. This is just one of the major adjustments we’re going through right now.

As some of you may know, I’ve spent the last 9 months surfing couches/spare bedrooms while finding a permanent place. Now that I’ve FINALLY moved both house and office, we’ll be getting back to some sanity very soon. But we’re also making a few changes like we do every year before our “birthday”. I’m so proud of how much this blog has grown in the past two years and it’s all thanks to y’all. Our expansions and changes will hopefully make it easier for you to find content, share it, suggest stuff, and just be served better overall for all your Athens music needs.

First up, NEW LOGO. And new layout. Also, expect more content from our staff writers. More Youtube videos from all your favorite Athens acts. More Twitter? And a tumblr. More Facebook exclusives (ha!) and more interviews/cd reviews/historical preservation info type stuff. Count on a weekly newsletter, more contests, and a few partnerships.

But I’d really like your opinions on where else to expand and grow. We’ve been thinking about doing t-shirts lately and it’d be nice to know if anyone would buy one. Maybe a compilation cd? And an AMJ thrown show? Possibly? I’m open for suggestions. Please let us know what you’d like to see by emailing


Jordan Stepp
Editor in Chief
Head Fawning Master
Complete Utter Raving Lunatic
Athens Music Junkie

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