Athens Music News Roundup

Got a lot of good news this week from old friends, so hold on to your hat, tag yourself as #sxswasted or whatever, and let’s go!

Timmy Tumble and the Tumblers. Yup. Timmy’s gone and gotten himself a band together. Our resident tumbling (and sometimes flailing) artist/poet/rockstar type has been hard at work on his new album which he’s releasing this Wednesday. Go get it!

Chris McKay is back at it again too with a new lineup of the Critical Darlings. Yay! Over the years, the Darlings have gone from a trio to a fourpiece and everywhere in between. Darlings version 3.0 is a quintet with keyboards no less! They’re gonna premiere the new lineup soon, so keep tuned in for dates for that.

Popfest is accepting submissions for this year’s festival happening Oct. 11-15th.

Wait, Max Canada is now just “Max”? Okay then…

Drive-By Truckers stopped by the Rolling Stone offices to play a few tunes. Video here.

My ten year old self is hyperventilating: Widespread Panic, Michael Stipe, and Hanson were a part of SXSW 4 Japan benefit. Whaaaaaaa? Also, awesome.

The Humms have a blog! Check it out here.

On one last note:

We’re glad all our friends from Flagpole and beyond made it back from SXSW ok, if only sleep deprived. According to Gordon Lamb‘s account, there was a pretty bad incident at Stubb’s  . Our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured.

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