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Americana, Twilight, Reptar, Boom!

Holy cow  is there a ton of stuff going on this weekend. Seriously, I’m a bit saddened that I won’t be in town for it all but you are here, right? First up, Athens Americana 2011. This thing is getting pretty big. We posted the lineup earlier this week.  If I might offer a shortlist […]

The Kids Are Alright: Athens Band

You need to watch the whole thing to get why the AMJ office broke out in squeals and “Oh my gosh that is so cute”s. These kids all rock, hard, but it takes a lot of drive to keep playing in a town where there really isn’t anywhere teens can go for solid concerts. I’m […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT Flicker Theatre Hope for agoldensummer Jesse Payne Hendershot’s The Heathens THURSDAY Flicker Theatre Americana Kick-Off Little Kings Betsy Franck and the Barenuckle Band Big C & the Ringers Kaitlin Jones and the County Fair Vespolina MAX Coco Rico Eddie the Wheel Gift Horse Lame Name FRIDAY 40 Watt Manray Wizard Smoke Maserati Farm 255 […]

Athens Americana 2011 Starts Tomorrow!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when guitar pickers and fiddlers and the like come out of the dusty woodwork and settle like oh so many dewdrops on Athens. I have a great fondness for our particular brand of Americana, seeing as how it provided me with my first writing assignments ever. But you’d […]

New Lera Lynn Video

LERA LYNN // HAPPY EVER AFTER from SLOW RECORDS STUDIOS on Vimeo. And this one is no where near as commotion stirring as those other ones, I tell you. That said, I like this one the best. It’s just Lera doing what she does best. How do you like it?

Happy Earth Day!

Go plant a tree, ride a bike to work, or recycle Around the Sun by using it as a nifty coaster!

Athens Music News Roundup

Okay guys, here we go with another few short bursts about what’s happening here in Athens! Widespread Panic’s equipment manager Garrie Vereen‘s death was officially ruled a suicide. Kurt Wood‘s Front Porch Record Store is this weekend. Michael Stipe is headed to the White House. (via Blake) ARNOLD BEAN REUNION! UGA‘s tuition goes up 3%. […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT 40 Watt Boys Who Rock For Girls (Girls Rock Camp Benefit) Athens Bambara Eureka California Free Mountain Maximum Busy Muscle Dave Martin Vinyl Strangers Ken McLain Wedge New Earth Music Hall TROGDOR! PANTyRAid Rye Bar STS9 After Party Earphunk Sunlight Alchemists THURSDAY 40 Watt Misfortune500 Bohannons Nutria Farm255 Africa Volunteer Corp Show The Decorations […]

Press Release Theatre: Athens Burning at Cine This Week

The documentary Athens Burning will be showing at Cine all this week. The movie, which I suppose will be in constant progress until its subject the Georgia Theatre is back on its feet, features a ton of interviews from local musicians and footage from the fire itself. Bloodkin will play after the first showing this […]

STS9 Wants Cancer to Die

STS9 or (Sound Tribe Sector 9) is hitting Athens this week if you haven’t heard (or don’t hang much on jam band sites…). Yeah, they were an Atlanta band until relocating to California but with as much touring as they’ve done in the area, they still have some pretty significant ties here in town. Not […]