Doggone Good Photos

Not everyone involved in Athens music is a musician. There are your producers, booking agents, hack music journalists (heh), and so on. But special among these are those wielding the camera. These photographers are the ones who capture forever the greatness of one musical moment.

It’s not an easy job. Photographers are stuck dealing with people trying to get your services for free, horrible lighting conditions, and demanding clients. Music photographers can look forward to abuse in the form of getting crushed by the front row at shows, denied access to the press pit, be allowed only one song to shoot, or even worse, forced to leave a show entirely after traveling a long way for it.

We’re extremely lucky to have a great group of music photographers here in Athens. Tonight, three of our best are having a party to open their photography exhibit at Dog Ear Books. Chris McKay, Daniel Peiken, and Mike White are all long time favorites of AMJ. You’ve probably seen their work on here somewhere. Chris has done a lot of mainstream shooting but many of his shots are locally based, like the return of R.E.M. to the 40 Watt. Mike can be seen at pretty much any hard rockin show around. His photos have been used as album covers even! And Daniel is a fixture here in town, taking shots of anyone and everything to provide a unique scope to our scene.

So I really really hope you’ll join us tonight and through the month to look at (and possibly buy) some of these wonderful shots. Viva la resolution.

When: Reception from 7-10 p.m. Friday
Where: Dog Ear Books, 162 W. Clayton St.
Cost: Free

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