Athens Music News Roundup

National Record Store Day is coming up fast (April 16th). So in addition to all the awesome limited records you can get at Wuxtry, Lo Yo Yo, and Schoolkids, MAX (formally Max Canada), is throwing a concert party type thing. Swing by starting at 7 for Already Taken, Mr. Falcon,The HEAP, and Lefty Hathaway Band. Yay vinyl!

It was announced that the Georgia Music Hall of Fame is staying in Macon. No surprise there. As much as I’d love to see it in Athens, I have to wonder if it wouldn’t be better off in ATL near the other touristy things…

This weekend is Seize the Airwaves at WUOG. It’s simple. A $10 donation will go to a local charity and you get an hour to play whatever you want on air. I speak from experience when I say djaying on the radio is awesome. AWESOME.

You should be watching this re-stream of a bunch of our guys at SXSW playing for Japan.

Widespread Panic on CNN.

The Day Jobs have posted some stuff about the Drive By Truckers.

The GA Theatre is right on track to open later this year. Word is we’ll get a few soft opening gigs followed by a bunch of massive acts. Hopefully one by the last big Athens band who hasn’t played Athens this year. *ahem*

From ATHFEST Twitter: Put down those pots & pans next Tues April 12 and eat out for AthFeast, a dining out event benefiting AthFest Educates! @ these restaurants: Bfst: Mamas Boy. Lnch: Mamas Boy, DePalma’s Dwntn, Buffalos. Dnr: Ciné&The National dinner/movie combo, Speakeasy, DePalma’s Dwntn, Buffalos.

Oh, and HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY R.E.M. Major shout outs to K.O. and the Side Effects as well. Hard to believe this time last year I was djaying 5 hours of R.E.M. goodness on WUOG. How the days fly… Collapse into now indeed.

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