Record Store Day!

As yesterday’s calendar post probably indicated, Athens has a ton of events going on this Saturday in celebration of Record Store Day. I’d say we’re pretty lucky to have 3 independent record stores in town instead of the usual, um, none. Between Wuxtry, Schoolkids, and the new (sorta) kid Low Yo Yo Stuff, you have plenty of opportunities to snag whatever rare vinyl you’ve had your eye on.

A lot of awesome bands have put up stuff for the day. R.E.M. has three singles going, I’m seeing a Green Day/Husker Du listing, colored vinyl galore… Scuse me while I drool. The full list is here.

Plus we’ve got in store shows happening all day. Wuxtry will feature some of their compilation bands while Yo Yo’s lineup can be found here. What I find amazing is that Michael Guthrie is performing THREE times in ONE day. Man o’ Steel. So do yourself a favor and get out there this weekend. And vinyl hounds? Word is that Kurt Wood’s Front Porch vinyl sale is coming up. Your bank account will cry but oh the sweet sounds your record player will make…

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