Americana, Twilight, Reptar, Boom!

Holy cow  is there a ton of stuff going on this weekend. Seriously, I’m a bit saddened that I won’t be in town for it all but you are here, right?

First up, Athens Americana 2011. This thing is getting pretty big. We posted the lineup earlier this week.  If I might offer a shortlist of people to see: Don Chambers on Saturday, Burning Angels tonight, Borderline Trio on Sunday…Just so many great artists. Do yourself a favor and pop in for a bit.

Athens Twilight! I’ll avoid the obvious joke this year but if you’ve never seen the Twilight Ride, even if you have no interest in bikes, treat yourself this weekend. There’s music, tons of drink, and quite a few wince-worthy crashes.

Reptar’s highly buzzed about EP comes out this weekend. I haven’t been able to get “Houseboat Babies” out of my head for a while and I suppose that goes double for their most rabid fans. Get thee to the funnery!

Music for Mali at New Earth pumps up the volume.

MBUS MayDay Concert features students from the UGA MBUS program along with bands they’ve worked with. Of course, Director Barbe will be playing as well. Show your support!

So yeah, tons going on. You have NO EXCUSE for staying indoors all weekend. Unless you’re playing Portal 2. If you are, I’ll go ahead and say, that cake is a lie.

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