We Want to Know: Where do you eat before and after shows?

IMMA EAT A HOT DAWG!!! NOOOMMMM!Just what it says on the tin, guys! Where are your favorite places to eat in town before a show, during that lull or a boring band, and afterwards when you're stumbling out of the venue at two a.m.? Who's got the best burger, pizza, drinks, atmosphere, whatever!We're asking because … Continue reading We Want to Know: Where do you eat before and after shows?


A Short Reminder Before the Long Weekend

Hey guys! Not much post-worthy for today but we're gearing up for our Athfest/Flagpole Awards/Athens music cluster**** of coverage coming up soon. Just a few reminders on how to keep up with all the stuff that we can't always post to the main blog every day.We're on Facebook! Yup, probably the easiest way to keep … Continue reading A Short Reminder Before the Long Weekend

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHTFlicker TheatreYo Soybean!Mann RayJohn French and the BastillesNew Earth Music HallSpiritual RezYo Mama's Big Fat Booty BandThe Melting PointThe Burning AngelsFRIDAYCaledoniaFree MountainThe DictatortotsHayrideThe HEAPFarm255Henry BarbeDavid Barbe and the Quick HooksGnat's LandingNathan SheppardSATURDAYCherokee FarmsAmberland FestivalHendershot'sThe HobohemiansLittle KingsReptarDJ Spencer SloanMelting PointRack of SpamMONDAYCaledoniaDan NettlesShane PerlowinGyan RileyTUESDAYCaledoniaSpring TigersThe MemorialsNo Where BarLeaving Countries

Weekly Show Picks May 18 – 24

TONIGHTLo Yo Yo Sponsored ShowY La BambaThe GlobeIan McFeronTHURSDAYCaledoniaODISTThis Piano Plays ItselfCulture ShockAshutto MirraFarm 255Green Thrift GroceryMemory MapNEVEROl' Blue HeelerTheo ZummLittle KingsShallow PalaceRyan SheffieldMisfortune500 Sleepy Eye GiantFRIDAYCaledoniaIce Cream MenPowerloadGeorgia BarWorn Out WelcomeRye BarCloudeaterSumilanSATURDAYFarm 255Bright Light Social HourCousin DanTimmy Tumble and the TumblersPlush PalaceSO It GoesReeks of FailureCaledoniaNate NelsonRuby KendrickMatt HudginsMONDAYFlicker TheatrePaul McHughHendershot's Open MicTUESDAYManhattan CafeBOB DYLAN … Continue reading Weekly Show Picks May 18 – 24