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We Want to Know: Where do you eat before and after shows?

IMMA EAT A HOT DAWG!!! NOOOMMMM! Just what it says on the tin, guys! Where are your favorite places to eat in town before a show, during that lull or a boring band, and afterwards when you’re stumbling out of the venue at two a.m.? Who’s got the best burger, pizza, drinks, atmosphere, whatever! We’re […]

A Short Reminder Before the Long Weekend

Hey guys! Not much post-worthy for today but we’re gearing up for our Athfest/Flagpole Awards/Athens music cluster**** of coverage coming up soon. Just a few reminders on how to keep up with all the stuff that we can’t always post to the main blog every day. We’re on Facebook! Yup, probably the easiest way to […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT Flicker Theatre Yo Soybean! Mann Ray John French and the Bastilles New Earth Music Hall Spiritual Rez Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band The Melting Point The Burning Angels FRIDAY Caledonia Free Mountain The Dictatortots Hayride The HEAP Farm255 Henry Barbe David Barbe and the Quick Hooks Gnat’s Landing Nathan Sheppard SATURDAY Cherokee Farms […]

We are 3. Athfest Wristbands on Us.

remember this logo? Done in MSPaint. Hey! AMJ is officially three years old! Holy smoking cows! What a year. Man, what a bunch of years. So as we chug right along into our most exciting year yet, we wanted to give you a little thanks by way of our friends at ATHFEST.A pair of Athfest […]

Monahan Sets a Guy On Fire, Films It

Picture here the pyro, Ryan Monahan …In his new music video that is. There’s a pretty interesting tale behind all of this. I heard from Monahan’s drummer that the guy in this video had never been set on fire before. Naturally, I just had to ask what the deal was. Is it true you lit […]

Athens in the Morn

There are few things more magnificent than pulling into Athens, GA at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning after a show. The town is quiet. But not in an eerie sense. No, it’s more of a “calm before the storm” feeling. Some of us are asleep (not the driver thank God!), myself, I’m drifting in […]

So, Got that Playlist Ready, Stipey?

“Death is pretty final. I’m collecting vinyl. I’m gonna DJ at the end of the world” – JMS Well, apparently the world is ending tomorrow and everyone else is getting ready by making a few epic playlists. Of course, the number one song on an end of the world playlist would be “It’s the End […]

Congrats You Grads! Video Dance Party!

I meant to put this up last Friday but blogger went *kaboom*. So I’m putting this out there today since I have just been informed that a few local High Schools are graduating kids tonight. ‘Tis Party Time! That means it’s time to dance!

Weekly Show Picks May 18 – 24

TONIGHT Lo Yo Yo Sponsored Show Y La Bamba The Globe Ian McFeron THURSDAY Caledonia ODIST This Piano Plays Itself Culture Shock Ashutto Mirra Farm 255 Green Thrift Grocery Memory Map NEVER Ol’ Blue Heeler Theo Zumm Little Kings Shallow Palace Ryan Sheffield Misfortune500 Sleepy Eye Giant FRIDAY Caledonia Ice Cream Men Powerload Georgia Bar […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Congrats to Reptar and the Futurebirds on being selected for Austin City Limits Festival. There’s some mighty big acts there. Wowzers. Our buddy Brent Cash got a major shout out from Stomp and Stammer the other week. You would probably know him as the drummer from our much beloved late Television Buzz. Brent’s last album […]