Athens Music News Roundup

Java Music Junkie
Okay guys, check this one out. Kai and Sunny created these recordings in Indonesia right? They’re pretty doggone awesome alone but then those two managed to get over 20 different Athens musicians (like Pete Buck, Andy Lemaster, & Kate Pierson) to collaborate on recreating, remixing, and re-imagining the recordings. They’re looking for funding on the project so head over to the Indie Go Go page and be amazed!

Love Mama’s Love?
Mama’s Love was apparently featured on NYC’s BreakThru Radio as a “Discovery Artist.” Look here!

Amberland Groovin’
You’ve heard about P-Groove’s Amberland, I hope. If not, I suggest you scroll on over to the page and take a look at the impressive lineup set to hit the stage Memorial Weekend.

Must. Catch. Breath.
From Pylon: The new Pylon release on DFA records is in the works. We anticipate a summer release for this 2-song seven inch vinyl and digital download! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Mid-Afternoon Acid Trip
The new Reptar video

Say Goodbye
Bubbly Mommy Gun and Quiet Hooves are headed off on a tour of America and Canada. I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize the van anywhere. Listen for loud noises and party animals.

Bombs Away!
BombsBombsBombs is having a cd release party at the 40 Watt this Friday. We’ll have the review for ya this week.

Happy Lemmy?
Happy Birthday to our good buddy Lemuel Hayes.

Bit by Bit
Dan Gellar‘s piece on Bit Pop is live now.

Hey, ATL folk! Do you know about Catlanta? Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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