New Addiction: Chickasaw Mudd Puppies

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Man, are we ever glad to see the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies again! We haven’t heard much from the band since, oh, 92 or so. But it looks like they’re resurfacing just in time to play the ATHFEST main stage right before Guadalcanal Diary that Saturday. In order to get back into performing mode, they recently hit the stage at the Melting Point.

Credit to Daniel Peiken for letting us use all this great footage and for giving us the heads up! Check out the rockin’ washboard action here!

1 Comment

  1. If you missed them at the Melting Point, don't make the mistake of missing them at AthFest on June 25th. They sound better than 20 years ago! Hootie Hoo!

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