Athfest 2011 Outdoor Stage Lineup

Well guys, as the kiddies all head home today from UGA, we’re starting off our Athfest/Flagpole Awards coverage season. We’re beginning today with a shamelessly copy/pasted lineup from the Athfest website. This does not include the club crawl that happens at night but we hope to have the schedules for those pretty soon.

Here’s hoping this list will help you decide who is worth standing outside in the 101 degree heat to hear. Me? I’m saying Monahan, Vigilantes of Love, and the Kevn Kinney Band are at the top of my list. Who are you excited to see?

AthFest 2011 Outdoor Stage Lineup
Main Stage
Second Stage
Friday – 06/24/2011
5-6pm Easter Island
6-6:30pm Oryx And Crake
6:30-7:15pm  Lera Lynn
7:15-7:45pm Woodfangs
7:45-8:30pm Centro-Matic
8:30-9pm Thomas Hardy(of Dead Confederate)
9:00-10pm Futurebirds
Saturday – 06/25/2011
12-1pm TBA
1-1:30pm  Klezmer Local 42
1:30-2:15pm  The Charlie Garrett Band
2:15-2:45pm The Welfare Liners
2:45-3:30pm  Dodd Ferrelle
3:30-4pm Monahan
4-4:45pm The Knockouts
4:45-5:15pm The Whiskey Gentry
5:15-6pm Nappy Roots
6-6:30pm Free Mountain
6:30-7:15pm Jim White
7:15-7:45pm Don Chambers
7:45-8:30pm  Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
8:30-9pm  Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love
9:00-10pm Guadalcanal Diary
Sunday – 6/26/2011
12:30-1:30 TBA
1:30-2pm The John King Band
2-2:45pm Rachel Farley Band
2:45-3:15pm Lingo
3:15-4pm  Grogus
4-4:30pm Dank Sinatra
4:30-5:15pm Bruce Hampton & The Pharaoh Gummitt
5:15-5:45pm Dr. Arvin Scott
5:45-6:30pm Kevn Kinney Band
6:30-7pm  Rick Fowler Blues Band
7-8pm  Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

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