Contest: Allison Weiss, Winter Sounds, Young Orchids, & Misfortune500

Allison Weiss

Look who’s back in town after moving to NYC! Yup, Allison Weiss is on tour and playing the 40 Watt tomorrow along with The Winter Sounds, Young Orchids and Misfortune500!And since we’re obviously enamored with some of the artists on this bill, we’re shilling for all of them and giving you tickets. Yay you! So if you’re a fan of any one of the four bands, here’s your chance to snag a Plus One to the show tomorrow night.

Rules are simple as always, email with the subject line Black Cat with the answer to the following question. First to get it right wins!
QUESTION: What is the name of Allison Weiss’s brother?
Come get your graduation on!

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