Athens Music News Roundup

Congrats to Reptar and the Futurebirds on being selected for Austin City Limits Festival. There’s some mighty big acts there. Wowzers.

Our buddy Brent Cash got a major shout out from Stomp and Stammer the other week. You would probably know him as the drummer from our much beloved late Television Buzz. Brent’s last album is perfect so if you’re into beachy keen grooves and beautiful pop, give him a listen.

Please tell me you caught the Neutral Milk Hotel thing on Parks and Recreation the other night…

Bob Dylan festival happening soon. Details also happening soon…

Pylon‘s gonna release something this summer. I’m hearing 2 song 7 inch?

The ATHFEST CD show will be held at the Melting Point on June 6. It’s free and features The Knockouts, The Welfare Liners, and PowerKompany.

Athens Area Habitat is looking for volunteers for this weekend. “We are looking for 5 volunteers to help us out on the job site this Saturday. We’ll be staining decks, painting foundations and finishing a staircase. If you’re interested in getting a group together or coming out by yourself, email us at for all the details!”

Early blog fave Randall Bramblett has a new cd out called “Jammin’ in the Attic”

Quite possibly the most revealing Michael Stipe interview I’ve read in a long time…

Speaking of Reveal, the R.E.M. album turned 10 this weekend. Our buddy Mark created this wonderful site for it.

WUOG is throwing a carnival of sorts in August. Details coming later.

Kay Stanton from Casper and the Cookies has been participating in a Songwriter in Residence Program. Here’s her first song! (Thanks Vanessa!)

Jordan made a tumblr while Blogger was down. God help us all….

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