A Short Reminder Before the Long Weekend

Hey guys! Not much post-worthy for today but we’re gearing up for our Athfest/Flagpole Awards/Athens music cluster**** of coverage coming up soon. Just a few reminders on how to keep up with all the stuff that we can’t always post to the main blog every day.

We’re on Facebook! Yup, probably the easiest way to keep up with the latest news is here on our Fanpage. “Like us?”

We’re on Twitter, well, Jordan is. Random musings, retweets of interesting things locals say, and other handy Athens info from music, traffic, food, weather, and beyond.

We’re on Youtube. Keep watching here for updates including soon to be upcoming ton o’ footage from Athfest 2011.

We’re now on Tumblr. Cause we can.

And of course you can always reach Jordan at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com or any of the interns with questions at amjintern@gmail.com

Happy holiday guys!

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