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Why I Am Addicted To

The Dead Journalist Room So a week or so ago, I started hearing a lot more about The basic gist of the site is that you go on with a bunch of friends and take turns playing each other music in a “room.” You can make the room private or have some fun with […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT Rye Bar Old You New Earth Music Hall Bombtrack JUNK Woodfangs George’s Lowcountry Table Ken Will Morton THURSDAY Caledonia Lounge Green Gerry and the Gellyphish Muuy Bien and Friends Pretty Bird Farm 255 Street Eaters Witches Flicker Theatre The Head Matt Kabus We the Body FRIDAY WUGA “It’s Friday” Shallow Palace Sleepy Eye Giant […]

New Local Music Videos

While Athfest has been on the top of our schedules this month, a few local bands have released some incredible music videos that you really should see. First up, local darkwave/industrial band Witness the Apotheosis remixed R.E.M.’s “It Happened Today”. It sounds amazing! Next up, a really, really well done video from Misfortune 500. It […]

ATHFEST 2011: Saturday Sunday Roundup

I got a late start on Saturday, opting to cook something up at home despite the insanely good smelling food in front of the stage. No worries, I ended up getting some later. Can’t. Resist. Mergh. But I managed to find a decent parking spot and my companion and I walked towards the Hull Street […]

ATHFEST 2011: Friday

Past Athfest Photo because my camera keeps mucking up Waves of heat and humidity kept sweeping over me as I walked from my office towards the music downtown. While my day job affords me a bit of air conditioning, Athens itself wanted to make sure I felt the burn. But I was curious about the […]

A few small things before Athfest

Flagpole Award Winners

Electronic: Abandon the Earth Mission Experimental: Bubbly Mommy Gun DJ: Mahogany World: GrogusHip-Hop: Showtime feat. Elite tha Showstoppa Jazz: Kenosha Kid Cover Band: Abbey Road Live Jam: Dank Sinatra Country: Futurebirds Americana: Lera Lynn Folk: Hope for agoldensummer Cover Art: of Montreal Rock: Dead Confederate Punk: Hot New Mexicans Metal: Harvey Milk Pop: Reptar Album […]


Our coverage of Athfest 2011 begins tonight with the Flagpole awards. Keep up with the goings on by following us on Twitter, checking back here for daily updates, and watching Youtube for new video uploads. See ya out there somewhere! AMJ Staff

The Top 10 Bands You Need to See at Athfest this Year

We didn’t want to overlap with the Flagpole 20 too much(though there’s plenty of bands in that list we want to see) so we went ahead and made a list of folks WE think you should check out this weekend. Monahan – Hull Street Stage Saturday, 3:30 p.m.I cannot stress enough how badly you need […]

ATHFEST: Off the Drumbeaten Path

One of the great things about Athfest is the number of “non-official” shows that pop up each year. The bands playing them usually have gotten passed over for one reason or another and have taken up shop with some venues that usually aren’t venues associated with Athfest. This number has been growing year to year […]