Yup ladies and gents. It’s that time of year again when we start kicking up the Athfest stuff. And we’re off to a solid start with the Athfest CD Release party tonight. Just head over to the Melting Point at 8 p.m. for the hybrid Hoot/Athfest party featuring the Knockouts, The Welfare Liners, and powerkompany. See ya there!

And in case you’re wondering who is on the compilation this year, we made you a list. Sorta. Ok, we copy/pasted. Same deal.

1. The Knockouts – Got Everything I Need
2. Bombs Bombs Bombs – Waiting For Sunlight*
3. Vestbules – A Feather In The Hand*
4. The Spinoffs – Lucky Stars*
5. Spirit Hair – Wiser Winds
6. Adam Klein – Driftin’
7. The Romper Stompers – Dreaming*
8. power kompany – Dear Boy*
9. The Welfare Liners – Terrapin Beer*
10. Betsy Franck & The Bareknuckle Band – All The Kings*
11. Monahan – Offset
12. Free Mountain – Ride*
13. The Burning Angels – Nazareth Song *
* previously unreleased


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