Athens Music News Roundup

Analogue Records (run by Daniel Peiken & Hunter Hoskins) has released two very fine 45s for your consuming pleasure. So far, you can get the Arcs 45 and the brand new Bloodkin 45 featuring “Henry Parsons Died” and “Mark Fidrych & Evel Kinevel.” We’re looking forward to the next releases from this pretty promising project.

Lera Lynn coverd TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”. You can check out the Paste article and video here.

Misfortune500 just released two free demo song downloads that we’re hoping signal a new album soon. Please?

Georgia Theatre. August 1st. So happy to see it back in action!

You’re coming to Sprockets, right? And you realize I just said “shhhprockets” in my head when I typed that…

Supercluster‘s got a new video out for “Neat in the Street,” originally a Side Effects song. Check it out here.

Thoughts and prayers to the family of Richard Sabine who died after falling off the Murmur Trestle.

Jordan will introduce Monahan before they take the stage at this year’s Athfest. *end shameless plug*

Is it bad that we kinda want this RIAA Platinum Record for Document?

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