That’s Entertainment…

If you haven’t heard of the Athens band Entertainment, you’re really not alone. They’re dark. Post-punk. Death metal…maybe not…but just the tiniest bit weirder than most anything you’ve seen around here lately. We’re not talking that “kooky” type, either.

Entertainment hasn’t played Athens in ages. They’re not really that kind of band that you’d immediately associate with Athens. But the main reason is that Trey and the gang are working on a new album. This comes at an interesting time.The band’s first release, Gender, has gotten a strange bump in publicity lately as fans have finally caught on and shared links to the new freely downloadable album.

I should mention the fact that the singer’s my landlord and I’ve heard some pretty interesting things coming from our basement. So there’s your full disclosure and reason for writing right there. I thought I heard something similar to “All Cats Are Grey” coming from below my feet earlier this week. Turns out that was only a snippet of a demo the band is working on.

Banshee Demo
Untitled Demo 2

So take a listen and broaden your horizons a bit. You never know what kind of music Athens is hiding. As I’ve said before, there’s a little something for everyone. And if Entertainment is your kind of thing, you won’t find much better.


  1. great write up. wish trey was my landlord! looking forward to new album since gender is my fave to come along in years

  2. i never got to see bauhaus live… i never got to see the real christian death either… these guys are as close as i can get. fingers crossed! please play lexington ky!!!

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