Venice is Sinking was added to the Club Crawl recently.

Washed Out/ Reptar is a wristband only show. Make sure you’ve got one.

If you have an iPhone (which I do not, note sad face), you can get the ATHFEST app. It comes with schedules and times for all the bands plus a nifty “My Schedule” feature that you can use to pick and choose where you want to go. And maps. Mustn’t forget the maps.

The finalists for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards have been announced. Check out this week’s print edition and marvel at how many Echoreyn and AMJ called. Totally. Be sure to go to the awesome awards show and support your favorites and catch the likes of the Gold Party and Lera Lynn perform as well as screenings from the Sprockets Music Video Competition type thing.

Speaking of Sprockets, it’s this Saturday at the 40 Watt. I hope there’s popcorn.

There’s also a really great article about what Athfest does the rest of the year in Flagpole this week.

So yeah, that’s what’s been coming across the ol’ newsfeed lately. We’ll have some great Athfest tips for you the rest of this week and leading into next.

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