How To Prep For ATHFEST in 5 Steps

Step 1: Check out the bands playing
This is pretty easy to do. Just head over to where they have links to each band’s site. They also have times for each band and locations. Make a mental list of which ones you want to see. Since so many of the bands play Athens all the time, why not branch out a bit and see an act you normally wouldn’t go see?

Step 2: Make a Schedule
A little harder than it sounds. You can schedule and plan all you want but sometimes things go wonky. Just make sure to take weather and delays into account. Don’t rush yourself. And have a back up plan in case everything goes to hell.

Step 3: Build in Break Time
Important. You do not want to be stuck outside in the sun all day, even if you want to see every act. So make sure to allow time to wander into somewhere near the stages like Clocked or Farm225 for a bite to eat. ATHFEST also includes special movies at CINE that you might like. Nothing beats the heat like cool bands in a cold, dark theatre. 

Step 4: Allow for Travel Time
One year I ran from Nuci’s Space to Wild Wings back to Nucis to the 40 Watt and then to Little Kings. I was so tired, I didn’t get to enjoy all the bands that I wanted. So make sure to allow yourself some padding in getting from place to place. It’ll make everything less stressful.

Step 5: Remember to Stay Hydrated
This is probably the most important tips of all. Drink tons of water. Seriously. Tons. You don’t want a heat stroke, you don’t want dehydration, and you don’t want to faint. Also needed: comfy shoes, sunblock and sunglasses, lest you turn into a real life rock lobster.


  1. If anybody starts to feel faint from the heat, tell them to come backstage at the main stage. Tell the crew at the gate to ask for the stage manager. We will get them gatorade and a cold towel.

  2. Make sure to download the Athfest App if you have an Iphone! Search for “athfest” in your App store. It's a pretty nifty little tool and will help you to organize your custom schedule for this year's Athfest!

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