ATHFEST: The Non-Concert Edition (updated)

Yes, yes, Athfest has a ton of good artists playing shows this weekend. But did you know that the ‘fest has enough stuff for the movie lover, small kid, and art appreciator? Well, it does. Here’s a bit more about ’em…

Held on Saturday and Sunday, Kidsfest is a pretty good piece of entertainment for the younger crowd who might enjoy music but might not be able to sit through an entire loud show. There’s a parade on Saturday, open mic, rockstar photo booth, instrument making, and tons of kid-friendly bands playing most of the day. So if you’re a hip mom or dad or older sibling, bring the kiddo.

Artists Market
Do you like to shop? I hope you do. Every year the street between the stages is covered with vendors and artists ready to sell their wares. I’ve seen some beautiful paintings, funky jewelery, and incredible food up for sale. Poke around a bit. Think on it overnight. Buy it.

If you’d rather stay indoors most of the day, you might want to head over to Cine for the FilmFest. You can see local rock documentaries about the GA Theatre and the Drive-By Trukers, Teenscreen, and the local music videos featured in Sprockets this year. A must see. Schedule here.

UPDATE: Laughfest
This one totally managed to miss my radar. Laughfest is one of the funniest and funnest events at Athfest. Featuring a ton of local talent, Laughfest is also one of the first events that kicks off the entire weekend. Catch it this Wednesday: $10 at the door, and $5 with an Athfest wristband.
So there ya go. Some non-concert stuff for you to do while at the ‘Fest.


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