New Local Music Videos

While Athfest has been on the top of our schedules this month, a few local bands have released some incredible music videos that you really should see.

First up, local darkwave/industrial band Witness the Apotheosis remixed R.E.M.’s “It Happened Today”. It sounds amazing!

Next up, a really, really well done video from Misfortune 500. It premiered at Sprockets after a month of teasing.

Kite to the Moon gives us another classic.

Chris Ezelle posted this one to our Fanpage. Check it out

Mark Tulk got in on the action too.

And Sam Sniper as well. He just had to be different and use Vimeo. We’ll take it!

Sam Sniper, THIS Comfortable Hypocrisy [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Sam Sniper on Vimeo.

So feast your eyes on these goodies and let us know what you think!

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