Why I Am Addicted To Turntable.fm

The Dead Journalist Room

So a week or so ago, I started hearing a lot more about turntable.fm. The basic gist of the site is that you go on with a bunch of friends and take turns playing each other music in a “room.” You can make the room private or have some fun with strangers popping in to listen. Some of the best parts are the ability to upload your own tunes and instantly add tunes to your buy lists on iTunes. Pretty neat, eh?

It’s a bit like having a record party without the hassle of inviting everyone over to your place. Since logging on, I get off work, go home, and dj with friends for about an hour while doing other work online. It’s pretty neat. Then one day I decided to test something out.

I was djaying in a sort of familiar room with a bunch of other bloggers I know. I decided to play a few tracks from Reptar, Misfortune500, and Monahan just to see what they’d say. As the reviews came in, the lightbulb over my head came on. We can use this. And by we, I mean everyone I’ve ever worked with.

Bands! You can use it to find your first radio single. PR companies! Shamelessly plug your acts in your own rooms. Bloggers! Try to impress other bloggers with your selections and make new bloggy friends. It’s pretty darn cool.

Yeah, it’s in beta stage and you have to already have a facebook friend on there to get an invite. There’s also some minor bugs and a few more things they need to add (more than one playlist please! searchable ones!) but this looks like a pretty neat spot to hang out a bit.

And hey, if it all goes down the drain anyway, it’s at least a fun way to kill a bit of time with tunes.

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