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Athens Music News Roundup!

Tonight’s Dead Confederate, Five Eight, Bambara show has been moved to MAX from the Georgia Theatre due to concerns from the inspectors that the sprinklers in the building weren’t putting out enough water. The Humms show at New Earth tonight has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date. POPFEST has announced its […]

If You Give A Band a Handicam…

You may end up with more than you bargained for. Reptar took on NYC a little earlier this summer and ended up running off with Buzzfeed’s Flip cam. If you’re wondering what life on tour looks like, it’s pretty much this. With the smell of sweat and coffee. And no sleep. Yeah. But it’s good […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT The Melting Point Harvey Milk Vincas Go Bar Maximum Busy Muscle Minor Stars Shitty Candy and the Circus Peanuts THURSDAY Live in the Lobby, WUOG Like Totally! Caledonia Lounge The Osedax Vincas Gnats Landing Next Best Friend FRIDAY Georgia Theatre Dead Confederate Bambara Five Eight Caledonia The Bohannons Dex Romweber Duo Lee Bains III […]

Welcome Back Old Friend

Won’t you look at that? Two years in the making. Every time I pass by the building downtown I feel this sense of awe and pride. Amazing how much a little tender loving care can transform a building after a devastating fire.We remember the flames. We shot the video, took the photos, blogged and called […]

RIP SchoolKids Records

I’m afraid it’s true. The Athens, GA branch of Schoolkids Records is closing its doors, according to the Schoolkids Records Closing Sale Facebook page. They’ve already gone into liquidation mode with a sale that will last until the store’s final day, August 20th. We’ll hopefully have some more info about the closing for you later […]


As of right now, we don’t know what exactly is going on in Norway. Oslo has been bombed and a shooting took place in Utoya. Personally, I have never been to Norway but I’ve always held the idea that I might go there one day. I have friends there. Good friends. We met through, […]


Heard he’s also missing a Congressman or two. Here in the heat of the white hot Georgia summer, we tend to throw a festival called Athfest. After we’ve recovered somewhat, we venture back out once again like fools for a little thing called Slopfest. If you haven’t heard of Slopfest yet, that’s really no surprise. […]

Weekly Show Picks July 20 – July 26

TONIGHT Caledonia Second Sons Witness the Apotheosis Velociraptor Loco’s Grill Normaltown Flyers THURSDAY New Earth Americana Songwriter Showcase and Song Pull WUOG Live in the Lobby Sam Sniper FRIDAY 40 Watt Casper and the Cookies Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings The Shut Ups Caledonia The Agenda TaterZandraZandra Turf War Little Kings SLOPFEST SATURDAY Flicker […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Play Portal 2, get reference. Astronauts in the very last NASA space shuttle mission woke up to an a capella version of  “Man on the Moon” recorded by Michael Stipe somewhere in Italy. The broadcast included the studio version and a message recorded by Mr. Stipe for the occasion.Hear the message here! BombsBombsBombs has made […]

Madeline’s New Video

So, Blogger decided it hates me and deleted the post for today. So instead, we present for you the new music video from Madeline. Red Light Bulb from Do it for the girls on Vimeo.