Press Release Theatre: Adam Klein’s Songworthy Project

Ok guys, check this one out. It’s a pretty cool idea from Adam Klein, the guy behind most of the Athens Americana scene. He’s wanting YOU to submit song themes, stories, and ideas for an upcoming album related to human rights and sustainable development. So send your ideas in!

Press release below:

Athens, Georgia-based singer/songwriter Adam Klein announces new songwriting initiative, Songworthy, inviting listeners to suggest song themes and content for future Global South-related album
ATHENS, GA–June 30th, 2011–Acclaimed singer/songwriter Adam Klein of Athens announces an unique songwriting project, Songworthy, inviting listeners to contribute song themes and stories for an upcoming album of songs related to topics in international sustainable development and human rights.
Inspired by his travels in developing nations (the Global South) and Peace Corps experience in Mali, West Africa, Klein is dedicated to releasing an album which gives voice to the people of the Global South. The record seeks to express the hopes, challenges, struggles, and ultimately, the rich spirit, dignity, and humanity of the world’s poorest people. The songs will speak about development themes such as water and sanitation, rural public health, squatter communities, human rights movements, as well as particular individuals.  
The public are invited to submit song ideas for this album- important issues regarding the needs of the people of the Global South or the story of a specific person whom one deems songworthy based on his/her life and work. Klein will try to write a song about each submitted theme or story for possible inclusion on the as-yet-unnamed album. A list of all suggested song topics contributed, along with information and resources for further learning, will be featured on Klein’s website in connection with the release of the record. To contribute a song topic or storyline, email  

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