Athens Music News Roundup

Play Portal 2, get reference.

Astronauts in the very last NASA space shuttle mission woke up to an a capella version of  “Man on the Moon” recorded by Michael Stipe somewhere in Italy. The broadcast included the studio version and a message recorded by Mr. Stipe for the occasion.Hear the message here!

BombsBombsBombs has made their entire album free to download. Do it. Review coming soon (hint, it rocks!)

Jumping on the discount train is Misfortune500 who have dropped their debut album to a mere $2.

Monahan‘s other other band, Beatles for Sale, hinted they might do a Beets Cover Band if there was enough interest. For the love of everything that was our childhood, tell them you NEED MORE ALLOWANCE!

Flagpole Music Editor Michelle Gilzenrat posted an open letter to the Flagpole comment trolls and the actual decent human beings that comment from time to time.

We’re apparently getting a Steak and Shake. Please stand by while the AMJ staff weeps with joy….

The Georgia Theatre keeps adding more and more shows. Check out the list here!

See ya later!

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