Heard he’s also missing a Congressman or two.

Here in the heat of the white hot Georgia summer, we tend to throw a festival called Athfest. After we’ve recovered somewhat, we venture back out once again like fools for a little thing called Slopfest. If you haven’t heard of Slopfest yet, that’s really no surprise. Instead of being an incredibly large outdoor event, it brands itself as more indie, more good times, more…well, sloppy.

Head over to Little Kings starting tonight and you’ll find an incredible range of bands from DJs to punk to rock to hard rock to experimental… It’s all just thrown together in a stew for you to taste. Personally, I love little mini-fests like these because you get to skip the crowds and most of the heat and just hang out. Bonus points: not all of the bands are from Athens. Bands from as far away as Minneapolis and Macon are playing for your enjoyment. And for theirs.

So come on out and hear the do it yourselfiness attitude.

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