RIP SchoolKids Records

I’m afraid it’s true. The Athens, GA branch of Schoolkids Records is closing its doors, according to the Schoolkids Records Closing Sale Facebook page. They’ve already gone into liquidation mode with a sale that will last until the store’s final day, August 20th.

We’ll hopefully have some more info about the closing for you later on. We’re not sure if anything is happening to the other branch or not. Until then, let us remind ourselves and others of the importance of supporting your local independent record stores. Thank you.


  1. “Major bummer, man.” – Jeff Lebowski

    Athens with just two (great!)independent record shops? Seems disproportionate to the scene, but then again, helps fans feel the urgency to buy at the show which is good for musicians.

  2. very sad indeed! not sure what's gonna survive the in age of spotify etc… the concept of music ownership seems to be fading fast (if it's not dead already). 😦

  3. went in there once as an out of towner and was treated quite rudely by disgruntled employee (xmas time, this year). what is it with indy record stores? they foster a bad vibe and than expect us to cry when we stop shopping there. I hate big stores just as much as the next guy but it doesn't mean I'm beholden to snobby, snarky boutique shops.

    see ya.

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