Welcome Back Old Friend

Won’t you look at that? Two years in the making. Every time I pass by the building downtown I feel this sense of awe and pride. Amazing how much a little tender loving care can transform a building after a devastating fire.We remember the flames. We shot the video, took the photos, blogged and called and nearly cried as a community. Remember how helpless we felt? How awful that entire year was? Well, it got better. A lot better.

Opening night is coming up fast. The acts have been booked, the media wooed, the word put out… How awesome is this going to be?! And none of it would have been done if not for everyone who donated. Thanks to the bands that donated show funds, the fans who attended the shows, the people who bought shirts and bracelets and tickets… This isn’t just about the Georgia Theatre and its owners. It’s about a landmark and the town that loved it. And many years from now, we’ll have that awesome story to tell about how a community banded together and saved the Theatre for everyone to enjoy once more. That’ll be a story worth hearing again and again.

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