Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT40 WattGift HorseHardy Morris and Walker HowleThe InternsRuby KendrickZ-DogFarm 255New Sound of NumbersALAKPregnantGeorgia TheatreZosoTHURSDAYGeorgia TheatreGold Partyof MontrealYip DeceiverNew EarthFunk YouNew SneakersGo BarDr. Fred's KaraokeFRIDAYLittle KingsThe ArcsMario SpeedwagonTerrapinDel Yeah FestSATURDAY40 WattModern SkirtsMatrimonyEastern BlockCaledoniaSpace GhostElevationTealvoxGeorgia TheatreCorduroy RoadMONDAYGo BarGripeThe MenShaved ChristTUESDAYFarm 255  Deleted ScenesPretty BirdSpiked PunchStar Slammer



There is never NOT an appropriate time to use this. Dude. Have you seen the new Athens Popfest site? It's way better than the one you're currently on if you are reading this (though we're working overtime to completely revamp but I digress). It's so shiny! And kinda hipster-esque with the fonts and the colors....Anyway, … Continue reading P-P-P-Popfest!

Best by A Good Country Mile

Kevn Kinney I imagine that listening to Kevn Kinney's "MacDougal Blues" for the first time is a lot like discovering Bob Dylan had a younger brother south of the Mason-Dixon line. It's hard to argue with Kinney's straight-forward storytelling, especially when punctuated by such interesting wordplay.Telling a story is hard. Crafting one to go with … Continue reading Best by A Good Country Mile

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHTGeorgia TheatreDank SinatraThe Heavy Pets40 WattGift HorseEddie the WheelDavid Barbe and the Quick HooksAnsley RushingTHURSDAYNo Where BarJazz ChronicThe Suex EffectLittle KingsChrissakesTrophy WivesVincasFRIDAY40 WattTurquoise Jeep Records ShowcaseExcalibrah and Swamp ThanguRbN tRbN Farm 255ReptarBubbly Mommy GunQuiet HoovesGo BarHarouki ZombieSATURDAY40 WattThe HEAPKevn Kinney BandSome Dark HollerMelting PointDeja VuNuci's SpaceSparkle SongGo BarReeks of FailureThe FuzzlersKater MassSo It GoesMONDAYGo BarMadelineWhy … Continue reading Weekly Show Picks