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Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT 40 Watt Gift Horse Hardy Morris and Walker Howle The Interns Ruby Kendrick Z-Dog Farm 255 New Sound of Numbers ALAK Pregnant Georgia Theatre Zoso THURSDAY Georgia Theatre Gold Party of Montreal Yip Deceiver New Earth Funk You New Sneakers Go Bar Dr. Fred’s Karaoke FRIDAY Little Kings The Arcs Mario Speedwagon Terrapin Del […]


There is never NOT an appropriate time to use this. Dude. Have you seen the new Athens Popfest site? It’s way better than the one you’re currently on if you are reading this (though we’re working overtime to completely revamp but I digress). It’s so shiny! And kinda hipster-esque with the fonts and the colors…. […]

New Addiction: White Violet

 I am a shameless Nate Nelson fan. I am also a shameless Gift Horse fan. And A. Armada. And Tin Cup Prophette… Well, you can probably see where this is going. Basically, Nate has teamed up with some of Athens’ finest to create the band White Violet. I suppose by definition, White Violet would be […]

Best by A Good Country Mile

Kevn Kinney I imagine that listening to Kevn Kinney‘s “MacDougal Blues” for the first time is a lot like discovering Bob Dylan had a younger brother south of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s hard to argue with Kinney’s straight-forward storytelling, especially when punctuated by such interesting wordplay. Telling a story is hard. Crafting one to go […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Have you seen UGA’s new TV spot? After the boatloads of shame that were cast upon the school from last year’s ad, some Grady alumni decided to create a better video. It features the famous Chapel Bell and a song from R.E.M. The B-52s’ first live album drops Oct. 11. With the Wild Crowd – […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT Georgia Theatre Dank Sinatra The Heavy Pets 40 Watt Gift Horse Eddie the Wheel David Barbe and the Quick Hooks Ansley Rushing THURSDAY No Where Bar Jazz Chronic The Suex Effect Little Kings Chrissakes Trophy Wives Vincas FRIDAY 40 Watt Turquoise Jeep Records Showcase Excalibrah and Swamp Thang uRbN tRbN Farm 255 Reptar Bubbly […]


Most people would post the R.E.M. video right now. But noooooooooo. We have to go a bit more obscure, don’t we? So here’s our favorite shaky type local music.

The Adopt a Clueless Student Program

Because nothing says sketchy like a Believe sign on a drum. So I was clicking around Facebook when I saw one of my friends (the lovely Kay) post this status: “I just heard a student say to another student, “have you ever heard of the Caledonia Lounge? It’s really sketchy.” Needless to say, the Yoo-hoo […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Our brand new logo Sorry to hear that Peter Buck is having such back trouble that he’s having to miss out on the Baseball Project tour. This man hasn’t missed a gig in 31 years according to REMHQ, so it must be pretty doggone bad. Best wishes for a quick recovery Pete! Gigworn‘s sale is […]

UGA MBUS/ATHFEST Turtle Jam Saturday

It’s been said that Athens is a drinking town with a music problem and boy, is that ever true. So why not take the best of both worlds and combine them for the good of mankind? Well, wait no longer because this Saturday, the Turtle Jam will answer all your booze-soaked musical prayers at Terrapin […]