Athens Music News Roundup

First thing’s first. Drop everything and vote for Nuci’s Space to win money from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

GA Theatre has been doing well since opening up with The Glands. Our blogging team has been to lunch at the cafe on the roof and would like to recommend it if you’re into White Tiger at all.

The Georgia Music Awards will be held on Sept. 17th in ATL where Toni Braxton, Mothers Finest, Jan Smith, and others will be inducted into the GA Music Hall of Fame.

The students are back. Avoid the UGA campus if you can (says the person who works on campus)

Three words: Olivia Tremor Control

Efren released an awesome downloadable song called “Mr. Greene,” in honor of his hard work to get GaTh back up and running.

 Athens has been ranked the coolest college town. Well, duh.

Heartbreaker of the Day: The London riots have been awful for all involved but the indie rock world got their share of abuse when the distribution center for over 150 indie labels was destroyed. Among the labels was Vagrant who recently signed local act Reptar. No word on how many of these labels will be effected but it is expected that this shall end some of the smaller ones who cannot afford to lose that much physical product.

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