Good Luck Julie!

The old Paste-Up dept at ABH, Not Julie’s Office

We got word yesterday that Julie Phillips, longtime arts and entertainment editor at the Athens Banner-Herald, is departing. It’s a heck of a blow to an already struggling news outlet (but let’s not go there). She’s been a champion of all things Athens for quite a while and you’ve more than likely read some of her work. R.E.M. fans certainly have, especially her interviews and release updates.

Julie’s also active on Tumblr, posting updates of local events, shows, and other random goodies like the destruction of the ABH paste up department seen above. For us at AMJ, it means missing reading the work that partially inspired the creation of this blog type website thing. But no worries, Julie’s already got another career started up and we’re all looking forward to seeing where it goes.

So Julie, BEST OF LUCK and THANKS! You’re an incredible person and awesome writer. Athens couldn’t have asked for a better champion.

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