Best by A Good Country Mile

Kevn Kinney

I imagine that listening to Kevn Kinney‘s “MacDougal Blues” for the first time is a lot like discovering Bob Dylan had a younger brother south of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s hard to argue with Kinney’s straight-forward storytelling, especially when punctuated by such interesting wordplay.

Telling a story is hard. Crafting one to go with music is even harder. But I urge you to take a listen at “Hey Landlord (Meatloaf and Fishsticks)”. It’s practically the story of every Athens musician ever. Heck, a lot of us non-musician, non-student types have these problems too. Do I pay the rent which is over due by months? Or do I accept the inevitable and just go get drunk? Man, I’ve got records to buy and gigs to get to. Don’t bother me with rent….

So Mr. Kinney has a new record coming out called A Good Country Mile. I’m immediately interested, even though I’ve only heard snippets from his Athfest show this past June. He’s throwing a cd release show SATURDAY at the 40 Watt.

If you’re not sure what you’re in for, might I recommend taking a trip over to Southern Shelter and listening to his live recordings. You’ll be pretty blown away. But if you’re the strict audio/visual type, fear not. We’ve got the video below to tide you over.

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