New Addiction: White Violet

 I am a shameless Nate Nelson fan. I am also a shameless Gift Horse fan. And A. Armada. And Tin Cup Prophette… Well, you can probably see where this is going. Basically, Nate has teamed up with some of Athens’ finest to create the band White Violet.

I suppose by definition, White Violet would be a super group, especially when you add in producers David Barbe and Andy LeMaster. As far as sound goes, it’s as every bit as haunting and heart piercing as Nate’s solo stuff. Just take Knobs Have Turned and add a few more years experience and a great backing band and you’ve got White Violet. The additional players add some needed texture and depth that Nelson’s solo work was lacking. The group builds on his documentary of life in Athens writing style and fine tunes it. Highly recommended. Just turn it up and get lost…

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