There is never NOT an appropriate time to use this.

Dude. Have you seen the new Athens Popfest site? It’s way better than the one you’re currently on if you are reading this (though we’re working overtime to completely revamp but I digress). It’s so shiny! And kinda hipster-esque with the fonts and the colors….

Anyway, Popfest has a full lineup of bands for you to check out this year. Some big big names are coming through like Throwing Muses and Bob Mould. But it should be noted that they have paired up with Fluke, The Secret Record Swap, and Indie Craftextravaganzaa over at the Classic Center as well. So this year, you don’t get just music, you get crafts and comics too! Yes!

Some notable names on our list of not to miss shows are Oh-Ok, James Husband, the Goons, and Witches. But that’s just us. You can check out the current lineup here.

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