Coquette, Cassette

I used to spend hours trying to get those damn cassette tapes fixed, sticking some sort of pencil or scissors into the holes and winding and winding and winding... Heaven forbid if the tape player actually "ate" the tape! Mind you, it was an easy enough fix with enough patience and some clear tape but … Continue reading Coquette, Cassette


The Power of Music: Emotional Bag Check

There's this great little site I stumbled across a while back called Emotional Bag Check. It's a nifty little place where you can "check your emotional baggage" by way of writing about your problem in a small space on the site. Then enter your email and someone will send you a song that they think … Continue reading The Power of Music: Emotional Bag Check

Weekly Show Picks

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Press Release Theatre: Rewired Gear Sale for Nuci’s

 Nu├ži's Space will be selling TONS of used music gear on Saturday, September 24 at the OK Coffee seating area on the corner of College Ave and Clayton St from noon-4 pm. We have a dozen electric guitars and basses, lots of amps, keys, effects processors, drums and drum accessories. Come see us, we accept … Continue reading Press Release Theatre: Rewired Gear Sale for Nuci’s