WUOG Carnival of Sorts

What? Too soon to use an R.E.M. song as a headline? But it fits sooo well! Anywho, WUOG is throwing a carnival this weekend in conjunction with the fine folks over at the UGA Music Business Program.

I’ve been assured that there will be face painting, a kissing booth (!), bubbles, juggling, and all sorts of insanity. Oh, and there’s music too. Grinnin’ Bear and Brothers are among some of the performers. It’s all happening at Nuci’s Space from 6 p.m. to who knows when. Get in for $5 if you’re normal, $3 if you’re dressed like a clown.

We all could use a bit of fun and frivolity right now so why not give the WUOG Carnival a Try? Find all the extra details right here.

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