The Power of Music: Emotional Bag Check

There’s this great little site I stumbled across a while back called Emotional Bag Check. It’s a nifty little place where you can “check your emotional baggage” by way of writing about your problem in a small space on the site. Then enter your email and someone will send you a song that they think might help/explain the situation.

If you’re one of the lucky ones without baggage, you can offer to “carry” some by selecting a song to send to someone, all run through Grooveshark. It’s a wonderful idea. Using music as a healing tool. Or maybe just something to vent with. How many of us have gotten our teenage angst on with Linkin Park or drowned our sorrows in an overdose of Leonard Cohen? Ok, well, I have at least.

As sites like Postsecret have taught us, there’s something quite satisfying about telling a stranger all your problems or secrets.They have no room to judge but on the surface level. We’re all in this together. Check your bags at the door.

The site is relatively new and may have a few bugs but I figured it might be something you guys would be interested in. Have fun. 

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