Coquette, Cassette

I used to spend hours trying to get those damn cassette tapes fixed, sticking some sort of pencil or scissors into the holes and winding and winding and winding… Heaven forbid if the tape player actually “ate” the tape! Mind you, it was an easy enough fix with enough patience and some clear tape but I fear that my copy of Space Jam will forever have a second long blip during “Basketball Jones.”

I guess it was only a matter of time before people our age got nostalgic for the most cumbersome of formats: the tape. Unlike records, whose glorious vinyl actually plays differently soundwise, tapes are pretty inferior sounding, looking, and use wise. But apparently it’s the new indie, hip thing to do.

So it’s no surprise then for those of you in the “in crowd” that of Montreal has released a cassette box set. I will give you this, the box art alone is pretty damn awesome. And if you’re the type to drive a car that still has a tape player (like I did), you might actually enjoy having this around. Thankfully, mp3 download codes come with all the cassettes so if you are tape player-less, you can put it on your iPod. So, uh, good luck with all that then.

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