AMJ and EoA Seize the Airwaves

It’s been a long while since I’ve been back to my beloved WUOG, even longer since I’ve sat in the booth as a dj. But finally, this Sunday, I’ll be back on air for a two hour stint with my awesome co-host/co-blogger in crime Echoreyn of Athens.

It’s all part of WUOG’s annual Seize the Airwaves fundraiser. You sign up for an hour-long shift, pay $10 towards the charity of the semester, and then do whatever you want on air (minus obscenity, naturally). I honestly considered playing nothing but Nyan cat for an hour but I don’t have enough cash for that. There’s some shifts left if you want ’em! Everything you need to know is in the link above.

So what will you hear from the blogging duo? Well, Pylon, R.E.M., Bambara, Dead Confederate, etc.. If you’ve got a request, send it in. Our time will be SUNDAY 6pm-8pm!!! Listen in on 90.5fm or at

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