The Adorable Kitty Post

Grady and Terry

I am the proud slave of two hipster kittehs that my brother rescued shortly before my graduation from UGA last year. They’re smart, cuddly, and rather fond of Venice is Sinking. Still haven’t figured that one out but I digress. They are rescue kitties. It’s something my family has always done and something I hope to continue to do.

Why am I talking about this on a music blog? Because if you ask any musician around town about their animals, they will start going on and on about them. Most of the ones I’ve come across are rescues too. I received an email a few days ago from the Athens Area Humane Society asking for help in raising awareness on a certain issue: black pets.

For some unknown reason, black pets, especially cats, are not being adopted from shelters at the same rate that their more colorful peers are. So the AAHS is hosting a “blackout” for the last 13 days of October. The Pet Supplies Plus adoption center will be full of black lights and the black kitties (and honorary black kitties) will be wearing neat glow in the dark stuff. The adoption fee for these dark felines? $13.

So please excuse this post if kitties and puppies really aren’t your thing and you were here for something about Widespread Panic or DBT or whatnot. I just had two semi-black kitties looking me in the face and I felt the need to write about this. For more info, see the AAHS blog.


October 19-31, 2011,  Monday-Friday 1-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm


Athens Area Humane Society Adoption Center

Back of Pet Supplies Plus
191 Alps Road
Athens, GA 30606


To increase black pet adoption rates and raise public awareness about Black Pet Syndrome.

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