Howl O Ween

There’s just something about Halloween in Athens that most people wouldn’t understand. Why do all these young adults dress up in costumes that took 200 hours to make and then dance to cover bands all night? Because this is friggin’ Athens, the town that never grew up, that’s why! Your very own Neverland if Capt. Hook served alcohol.

Maybe you’ll end up marching in the Wild Rumpus all the way down to the Georgia Theatre. Or perhaps on that Saturday you’ll boogie oogie oogie to of Montreal who should probably dress in business casual clothes if they want costumes for Halloween. Maybe on the actual 31st you’ll hop in your Tardis and go see Suicide and the Ramones at the 40 Watt.

What about WUOGFEST and the Go Bar Night o’ Debauchery/Every Cover Band We Could Think Of (And Dan) Night? Or maybe just go to the Classic Center for David Sedaris. Your call. Whatever you do, you don’t have an excuse to stay home. Just give all the little kids their candy and then go out for some adult fun, ok? Alrighty. Let’s do this!!

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