As you may not know, WUOG’s birthday falls into October/Halloween territory. Most of the time, we just have a fun little Birth-o-ween type thing going on but this year the kids have pulled out all the stops. Tons of cool shows and your best kinds of debauchery available now! Here’s the list of stuff, get to it!

Monday @ Farm 255
Equinox’s Spookfest Haunted House of Infinity

Tuesday @ The Melting Point
Bluegrass Junction

Wednesday @ Caledonia Lounge
Philosophy Rock

Thursday @ the Georgia Theatre
Matter of Jazz

Friday @ Go Bar
WUOG Bands Live

Saturday @ The 40 Watt Club
Halftime Hip Hop Show

Sunday @ Cine
Friendly Folk

Featuring: Grogus, Kenosha Kid, Bird Names, Hope For AGoldenSummer, Richelle L. Brown, Hazel and Henry Slaughter (mbr Wolf Eyes), DIP, AIDS Wolf, Nancy Kay, Ruby Kendrick, Figboots, Velocirapture, Basshunter 64, and MANY MANY MORE.

For more information and a complete schedule (including door times and ticket prices), visit:
http://wuogfest.wordpress.com/ or find them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wuog.org

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