Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHTCaledoniaDry HumpsFountainheadSpotty LadsTHURSDAYFarm 255Music for Mail BenefitEddie and the Public SpeakersTent CityLefty HathawayThe Melting PointSecond SonsThe WoodgrainsFRIDAYFarm 255BrothersYo SoybeanFlicker TheatreNew Sound of NumbersTaterZandraZandraMaximum Busy MuscleDiet Rock StarBoycycleAntlered AuntlordThe GlobeThe Shut UpsSpirit HairSATURDAYGo BarThe B-53sNuci's SpaceEmergent Heart Video PremiereCarrouselEaster IslandMonahanBrett VaughnThe Viking Progress40 WattFACE OFF!!!MONDAYMelting PointSquidmasDr. SquidThe Warm FuzziesGroove Tangent

Athens Music News Roundup

hoooooooodieFirst up, a nifty little interview with Widespread Panic's tour manager.Those of you concerned about the planned Downtown Walmart can attend a meeting with like minds tomorrow at Ted's Most Best at 8:30 p.m.If you want some WUOG swag for Christmas, better email gm@wuog.org with your name, size, and amount of goodness you want. T-shirts … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup

See Ya Later, Manning!

Snow day, David. o.OOur great friend and phenomenal photojournalist David Manning has set off for greener pastures (aka Orlando, FL), leaving behind a huge hole in Athens where the awesome used to be. Manning, an award winning photographer, captured some of Athens' greatest and lowest moments while at the Athens Banner-Herald. He covered UGA games, … Continue reading See Ya Later, Manning!

Break Time!

Well guys, it's Thanksgiving week. That means me, the hipster kittehs, the plus one, webmaster, and the photo guy brother type are all off hunting turkeys or something. We'll update the calendar listings later on this week. Hope y'all have a safe and awesome T-day. I'm gonna go watch the parade.*REM in TURKEY* geddit?

Contest! It’s My Birthday, You Win Stuff

It's actually tomorrow. *oldness*Alrighty guys, here ya go. My birthday is tomorrow and in our new tradition, I give you! stuff. All you have to do is answer a little question and boom, you get this year's chock full o' fun prize pack thingy. It includes 3 local cds, stickers, a can opener(?) and whatever … Continue reading Contest! It’s My Birthday, You Win Stuff

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHTCaledonia Suspect RaptorGhost LightsSide by SideNew Earth Music HallGrogusTHURSDAY40 WattGift HorseGrass GiraffesPonderosaCaledoniaBrothersSam SniperTumbleweed StampedeFarm 255Bombs Bombs BombsTastes Like GoodThieves MarketFRIDAY40 WattMegafaunVenice Is SinkingGeorgia TheatrePerpetual GrooveThe GlobeHalf Dozen Brass BandSATURDAYGeorgia TheatreDrivin' N' Cryin'Findlay BrownNew EarthThe LootersSumilanVincent the DogMONDAYFlicker TheatreDon AuberBrandon Nelson McCoyTUESDAYGo BarIgor

New Addiction: Tumbleweed Stampede

Recorded partially in Pennsylvania and partially here in Athens at Japanski Studios, "Guts" is T Stamp's new album coming out this week via Quality Faucet Records. Quality Faucet is made up of a gaggle of local artists (Reptar, Wyatt, Co Co Ri Co, etc.) all leaning towards that more experimental sound that's taken hold of … Continue reading New Addiction: Tumbleweed Stampede

Video from Georgia Theatre R.E.M. Tribute thingy

Not everything is uploaded yet but I figured I'd post some of my favorite videos from last night's amazing show.Mike Mills ends the show with pretty much everyone helping out on "Superman"Longtime R.E.M. HQ staffers Kevin O'Neil and David Bell get a shot at the spotlightKevn Kinney single-handedly destroys my battery power for "Maps and … Continue reading Video from Georgia Theatre R.E.M. Tribute thingy