Hey Musician Types! FACE/OFF OPEN CALL

Completely stolen from Jeff Tobias’ Facebook Note/Event thingy. If you are a musician, I’d highly recommend that you try this.Great event for a good cause. I’ll let Jeff tell you about it. Message him before November 3rd, please.
I’m interested in signing up musicians for the next Athens Face/Off, which will be on December 3rd at the 40 Watt Club.

The premise is this: we pull the names of 100+ musicians out of a hat into trios. Each trio then has one month to prepare a 10 minute set, with 20 sets in all (unfortunately, not every musician is drawn). Music is what most people prepare, but it’s not required. It can be original material (this is encouraged) but doesn’t have to be.

This Face/off is a benefit for Whatever It Takes. From their website: “Whatever It Takes seeks to ensure that every child in Athens-Clarke County will graduate from a post-secondary education. We, along with our partners, will accomplish this throughemphasizing early intervention, recognizing that parents are a child’s first and most important teachersfocusing resources in a limited geographic areaidentifying and training neighborhood leaders, setting high expectations for all childrencreating a culture of success, and using data to direct to policy.” Pretty cool.

We’ll be drawing the names on November 3rd. If you’d like to be included, please msg me your phone number and email address, or leave it as a comment here.

If you know any open-minded, creative, patient, hardworking, non-flaky musicians who you think would work well, please refer them to this note and have them get in touch. Individuals of all musical skill levels are encouraged to participate. Thanks!

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